Mega Sport was founded in 2000 as one of the most respected and popular companies in the sports nutrition market. In fact, many of us reading this may still remember quality products like Combat Gainer, and Xtreme Amino. Many of us relied on these and other Mega Sport products to help us reach our goals. Fast forward twenty plus years. Though more than two decades have passed since the company’s founding, and though the supplement industry has gone through many changes, we at Mega Sport firmly believe the need for a brand like ours is even more relevant now than ever before. Now, as always, there are three cornerstones to Mega Sport, three things that we believe in: quality, value and efficacy.

Quality doesn’t understand the concept of time. Regardless of the year, consumers are always looking for quality. They want to know that they are getting what they pay for. We control every step of the process. We test the raw materials that go into each product and the finished products themselves. Value is also important to us. If you sell a quality product at a fair price then everyone wins. Finally, we sell products that work. After all, if you market and sell a product that doesn’t work, that doesn’t do what it says it will, all the quality and value in the world is meaningless. When you purchase a supplement, you place your trust in a company. We at Mega Sport think that’s a big deal. We return that trust with an unconditional guarantee. This is our way of standing behind each and every product we make. Check the label of any product and you’ll find that guarantee prominently displayed. When all is said and done, at Mega Sport, our goal is to deliver products that work, at a fair price, with the highest levels of quality. All of us at Mega Sport thank you for considering us as a dedicated partner in your quest to achieve your goals.

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